Learning how to code: find your motivation

TL;DR: find out your motivation and start by building small things Since everyone today wants to learn how to code and the internet is full of those tutorials, adding yet another tutorial is pretty much useless at this point. But since I also have an opinion on this (TM), I thought of sharing my story in the hope of aspiring … Read More

Book Review: Anything You Want

I’m trying a new thing on this blog, where I read some books and share what I learn. This will be fun because I like reading and sharing what I learn. Also, one of my goals this year is to find more time to read. Let’s see how that goes. Lately, I’ve been reading more about business, sales, and marketing … Read More

SEO Tips For Symfony

Not all apps with Symfony are some CRUD backend that will be only used for logged in users. And sometimes, WordPress is just an overkill for a couple of pages that will be used for a marketing website. In those cases, you still want to keep using Symfony and you definitely want to optimize for your search engine. Also, wordpress … Read More

Building a Shopify App with PHP

Update 15-08-2018: Added more resources Shopify today is one of the most growing platforms for building an e-commerce website. For a monthly subscription, they offer the essentials features for running an e-commerce business. They also offer an API and an app marketplace where merchants can pay for third-party apps that extend the functionality for their stores. As of the today, … Read More

Email Error reporting for your Symfony projects

After launching a couple of projects, I’ve quickly realized that most users will simply stop using your project when confronted with a bug or an exception. So you have to always be on top of any bug that happens, fix it ASAP, apologize to your user and notify them that you’ve fixed the issue. That’s the only way to get … Read More

Complete Guide to automated tests for PHP applications – PHPUnit

In the first part, I’ve tried to convince you to start with automated tests, in this part we’ll finally start with the fun part of actually writing code, but before that let’s first look at some basic concept (then actually getting started, for real. 😄) Test doubles Sometimes it is just plain hard to test the system under test (SUT) because it depends on … Read More

Complete Guide to automated tests for PHP – Introduction

At some point in your career you’ve been told to start writing automated tests and you didn’t really understand why? After all, var_dump was your best friend to check variables and you’re really good (or so you think) at testing everything manually. Also, these tests are more code you have to write, to maintain and to justify to your Manager. Besides, automated tests seems so complicated. All of … Read More


It has been a while since I’ve written anything. And that’s for a good reason. It has been really crazy those last couple of months: I’ve moved in to Berlin to join a tech startup. Moving to a new country, not speaking the language and not really knowing anyone is a hell of a challenge in itself. It’s both intimidating and exciting at the same … Read More

SymfonyTN 2015

So I went to the second edition of Symfony Tunisia, the first Symfony conference in Africa and the arab world. It was a great opportunity for meeting Fabien Potencier, the creator of Symfony and a lot of other talented developers. Here’s a (very) brief summary for some of the talks. Keynote – Fabien Potencier Fabien Potencier started by talking about … Read More


Writing is like programming. You need to have something simple, precise and straight to the point so you can express your intents and ideas clearly. And just like programming, the more you practice the better you will be and the easier it will get. I think there’s no shortcut to becoming really good at expressing yourself in written words. Also … Read More