SymfonyTN 2015

So I went to the second edition of Symfony Tunisia, the first Symfony conference in Africa and the arab world. It was a great opportunity for meeting Fabien Potencier, the creator of Symfony and a lot of other talented developers.

Here’s a (very) brief summary for some of the talks.

Keynote – Fabien Potencier

Fabien Potencier started by talking about the framework history, why he created it and where it’s heading. He then explained how important the role of the community in improving and maintaining Symfony. He also pointed out that Tunisia is ranked 15th for traffic.

Your Open Source Project – Pascal Borreli

Pascal Borreli explained how the open source world works. How one could start contributing to open source projects and why you need to open source your internal projects. He also talked about free tools for Open Source projects.

Dependency Injection Container Lifecyle – Sarah Khalil

This talk was more like a journey into Symonfy2 DIC component internals. Sarah Khalil started by explaining what does Dependency Injection means, what are the types of injections and what goes behind the scenes on a “low level” when you inject a service

Slides [FR]:

Deployment with Docker – William Durand

William Durand explained why deployment with Docker is awesome. He started by explaining what docker is all about, the concept of containers and how it differs from VMs. He then went on to show us the architecture and config to ensure zero services downtime while deploying. Also providing examples with use cases for how you can correctly update your database and keep your services up (in most cases). It was really an interesting talk, now I need to take a look into Docker in more details.
Slides [FR]:

All in all, SymfonyTN in its second edition, was very interesting and was well organized. It was fun and I’ve met a lot of people. I can’t wait for the next edition and hopefully for other web technologies conferences.


Writing is like programming. You need to have something simple, precise and straight to the point so you can express your intents and ideas clearly.

And just like programming, the more you practice the better you will be and the easier it will get. I think there’s no shortcut to becoming really good at expressing yourself in written words. Also beside improving your communication skills, you will see your ideas and thoughts laid out in front of you. It’s like you’re directly looking into your brain.

Being able to express your ideas and emotions in a good manner is powerful. I’ve always wished to have Paul Graham or Charles Bukowski writing style. So starting from today, I will write at least one article per week. It might be about an idea, a book, a tutorial, a movie review, startups or anything I find interesting.

Maybe I shouldn’t publish everything publicly, but I still need to put some content once in a while (sharing is nice yo). So anyway this is going to be an interesting experiment and it might as well be fun.


If they don’t give you money, they can’t tell what to do

This quote is why I love working on side projects. I can do whatever I want to do. If I have an idea for something, I start designing and implementing right away. The way I feel like it.

But there’s a downside: I’m not able to ship anything real (so far). Starting from something simple, I start making more and more features to the point where I have no idea what the main idea was. So I throw everything off and jump to the next big thing.

It’s depressing but I think I’ve came up with a solution (still experimenting but looks good so far). I will keep updating this blog with more details about my progress. :)

Hello World

Welcome to my blog. My name is Wissem. I’m a 20-something programmer and a wannabe entrepreneur. I like creating and building things. I think that bios are hard, how do people manage to write an entire book about themselves? I can’t even write more than 200 characters.
So anyway, I will be using this blog to share and keep track of my ideas, thoughts, projects and so on. This is way better than having notes.txt files everywhere. Also, I want to stop hiding in my little corner and start talking (eventually doing) about a lot of stuff. My goal here, besides keeping a log of everything, is to get as much feedback as possible (maybe accidentally improve my writing skills along the way).

I used to have some other blog where I was writing about useless things in french, it was read only by googlebot, some spammers and myself. I got bored eventually and shut it down. I think I should make posting on this blog (and even using it) somehow fun so I will keep doing it even if I will have 0 readers. I hope you will enjoy reading it and find something useful.:)